Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Postcard Does it work?

Hi Gals,

Was able to put a postcard together afterall with everything going on around here as I said in my email to everyone. I would really like your brutal honest opinion about the type I chose for the front of this postcard. After much struggling I hope this works. It keeps reminding me too much of a giant business card even though the postcard is actually the jumbo 8.5x 5.5 size!! The back images are not clear because they are just proofs. Hopefully you can visualize it.

Thanks so much Giselle!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Giselle,
    The peices look wonderful as is! I love the front piece, it works and it's very charming. As for the font, I like it, but, if you're really not sure with it, then perhaps play around with others until the 'right one" hits you. But, I do think goes very well with the image- very sweet and soft, just like the illustration.
    A heads up though, the last time I was at a SCBWI conf. (it's been a couple of years), I remember the art directors talking about promotional pieces/postcards.
    At that time, most of them preferred only one image to a promo piece - and/or only 2- 4 multiple images,and if only those multiple images are from the same story. I'm not sure if the conscensus has changed since then, but, something to keep in mind.
    For example, I notice the small "Riding Hood" story, in the back of your piece. You may want to design a promo/postcard featuring images from that story alone - advertising your story and art.
    Hope this makes sense. I do love the images and the design though. Beautiful, professional and very eyecatching - in a pleasant way.
    Good luck with everything and make sure you get some rest and good food with everything you have going on. Feed the soul with your art, and your tummy with yummies. Best, Chris

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  3. Hi Giselle,
    I agree that the wolf seems out of place. I know you're trying to get the most "bang for your buck" but here's a case where less is more. The two other pieces you've chosen are beautiful and (in my opinion) are a nice complement to each other. I think to add more would convey that you were not comfortable in thinking that the two could show enough of your diversity and stand alone.
    This looks very professional and I could see an editor pinning it to the wall for further consideration when the right manuscript crosses their desk!

  4. poor mr wolf has to find a new card to hijack. I agree....wolf needs his own card.

    Everything looks fabulous. As far as the type for your name - I like your choice but you just need to kern very slightly between the small C and the M

  5. Hi Giselle!
    LOVE the front piece. Perfect, wonderful, beautiful!! I think the font is great, too. I think I'm agreeing with Chris here in that when I send out postcards, personally, I stick to just one illustration. Or, for example, when I sent out postcards with one of my "Chicken" scenes on the front, I had my "isolated chicken running" on the back since, as was mentioned, they were from the same story. And once I put 3 of my Sofie's on the front so show the same character multiple times. I think the cover image is plenty to get them interested in what Giselle has to offer. Where you have Evan flying, I usually put in some brief info, letting them know if I've updated my website, have a new dummy coming out, etc. Just a little something to say, "hey, if you like this, there's more where that came from!" and usually encourage them to check out my website or contact me for further info. But at least I would definitely eliminate the hunter and wolf and I think personally I take Evan out, too, and save him for the next one! Just my opinion. :) -Gina

  6. Hi Giselle,
    I think both postcards are just great. The book card is so magical and has such a great feel to it. Very well done. I love the font for your name as well! Great job on both! I definitely think they will catch a few eyes!

  7. Ok, I'm an idiot! I read the post wrong. I thought these were separate cards. Now I get that it is one and you are showing front and back.
    I agree with Gina that I would use the book illo on the front and then maybe just a little clip on the back with all of your information. Sorry for the confusion!