Friday, September 29, 2006

Finishing up my flyboy Evan

Hi gals,

Well I took into account all of the sugeestions posted last week, which were great by the way, on this and think it works? You'll all be the judge of that though! Anyway, I managed to get this out in time for my little man's party but with regard to adding it to my portfolio if it needs more work just let me know. I'm going to my Rutger's Conference on Oct 21st so I'll have this one and hopefully the flying book one done by then as new pieces for my book. I'm really excited. Looking forward to it all.


  1. Giselle, I absolutely love this! Evan has such a sweet look and his name on the plane was a nice touch! It is very obvious that you used everyones suggestions and the finished product looks much more polished. I'm a bit confused about the top of his head?? He looks bald on top, or is that a cap? I would enlarge the plane's shadow just a bit. Other than those little things, it's great! The sky looks fantastic!

  2. Giselle, this is great! I agree with Lisa about enlarging the shadow just a bit (seems slightly too small right now) and I didn't notice his forehead until Lisa mentioned it but now that she did, I would probably bring his hairline down just a wee bit since this will give him a more youthful look. But I think everything else is great and this piece turned out super nice. You really polished everything up to make this a terrific addition to your portfolio. Great job!


  3. Wow, this really turned out nice!!! I bet your son thinks it's awesome! The extra shading you did on the ground really makes a difference. And I love the plane shadow on the ground. This would make a great portfolio piece!

  4. Hi Giselle,
    Great job on this! Love the landscape and those clouds are wonderful.
    Also love the way you painted the ballons, airplane, etc..
    I see what the others mean by the boy's hair - pehaps if you color in the bright/white highlight in his hair, (on top), along with moving his hairline a little forward, it could help.
    Other than that - this will make a fun portfolio piece. Best of luck!
    Have fun! Chris