Sunday, September 24, 2006

Evan's Birthday Invitation!!

Hi Gals!

Here's my 6 year old son's birthday invitation I've been rushing to finish and hoping I could get suggestions on before I finalize it. It's supposed to be him tossing tons of invitations all over the countryside via his toy plane for his upcoming party. He actually wanted to invite all of his classmates from the last three school years, PreK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade mind you! I figured he'd need to really spread the word so I imagined him doing it like this. A couple of the invitations you'll be able to see the words "You're Invited" still as they are falling. The white mass behind him I have to define more but that's the bag of invitations. I'm still working on the background as you can see. Im' not sure if I've integrated the color of the plane with the overall color palette? It still doesn't match to me? Any suggestions wopuld be really helpful. And I've put my flying book on hold until I get this done and printed out. Next week yikes! Thanks again for your comments for last week!


  1. Beautiful color and composition! I think that I would add a very well defined, small shadow of the airplane on the quilted ground. Also, In the area right above the "e", I would fill in with the blue sky so that the flag is well defined. Even though I know it's a cloud, it kinda' looks unfinished in that spot. What a cute idea, and what a lucky kid! Love how you added movement into this piece by bending the airplane, and the propeller really seems to spin! I think the colors are perfect!

  2. Hi Giselle,
    looks great and I love the idea. Maybe just lighten the fields a bit or throw a sunwashed yellow over it so that the plane pops more. (the red wings of the plane compete with the oragne areas of the field.)
    great job!

  3. Hi Giselle,
    What a neat idea for an invitatin! I like how you used blue for the shadows rather than just plain black. That really adds layers and dimention to the shadows. I would lighten up the shadow on the wing closest to us. At least the edge on the right side. I would also darken the blue of the blue balloon. I think that balloon is too close to the color of the sky. You may want to scale back the highlights on the balloons as well. More color would really make them show up. Your choices of colors are great! I like the patchwork ground. Very nice.

  4. Hi Giselle!
    You have one lucky birthday boy! This is very sweet! I LOVE the idea! I agree with what's been said so far and I definitely see what you mean about the palette. For me, I think the problem lies in the "cut off" from the cool blues on top and the warmer tones on the bottom. I'm almost wishing the boy was actually in the sky against the blue with the ground below him/lower on the page. Adding the warm tones of the red plane into the sky would tie the ground in nicely and really make him stand out, plus it would help to balance out the composition. He would also have much more of a soaring feeling like he's really way up there! But if this is not to be, then you definitely need a shadow to show his height in the sky. Otherwise he could just be a giant boy trucking along on the quilt! :)
    Very very cute, Giselle, I'm sure he will totally love it!


  5. Hi Giselle,
    I love his little expression - it's perfect.
    The plane seems to curve or bend too much for me, and I agree that you may want to neutralize the fields below, so that the plane stands out more.
    In fact, perhaps you could zoom in more on the plane and the boy so we can see more of his wonderful expression!
    This would make a nice portfolio piece, as well as, an invitation.
    Good luck and have fun! Best, Chris

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