Monday, August 07, 2006

Promotion blahs.........

Hi gals,
Nothing to post for this week because I've been concentrating my energies towards the dreaded mailing list update. Not the most fun part of this business that's for sure! Anyway was just wondering how much time you all invest in this and if you have any tips on any part of it? Let me know.


  1. For postcard mailings, I use amazingmail which allows you to store your own database of contacts (either upload them or enter them in). I just click one button and send to all when I do a postcard mailing. Amazingmail is both a printing company and is linked with the post office so you buy postage and the printing at the same time.

  2. Great question, Giselle! I use a spread sheet to keep track of all of my contacts where I save who I sent to, when, their response, other important info on them, etc. I have about 50 publishers I send to currently about every 3 or 4 months. For the mailings, I sent each of these publishers an original mailing a couple of years ago containing a few (5 I think) samples of my work and now I update them with postcards. I create an idea of what I want the postcard to look like in Word, actually, and then I email that off to a local printer that I work with quite frequently. He then gives me about 60 postcards, nice color and glossy!, for about $35 bucks. I've never found a better deal so I always go with him. I've heard of places where you can get a 1000 but I've just never needed that many, you know? And of course I've made pre-made labels for all of these companies as well so that all I have to do is make sure their info is accurate and print them out. Anyway, this is a great question, I'd love to know what others think as well!

  3. Hi Giselle -
    Sounds like both Carlyn and Gina gave you great advice.
    The Amazingmail sounds great and you may want to try that out -as I think I'll look into it as well.
    Right now, I create my post card image and text via paint pro, photo shop or photo arc base and save them as jpegs. Then I print them out myself on post card printer paper. The only down fall is that I have an ink jet printer, which means if the post cards get wet, they run.
    We do have a printer nearby who does some of my larger prints, and I'm thinking of having them do my next round of post cards for me - with the price of ink these days, it's getting cheaper to have a professional printer do it instead, and it's better quality. Good luck with the promo cards- it's tidious- but, it gets your work out there in front of the art directors. A good thing.
    Chris M.