Sunday, August 20, 2006

New flying book!

Hi gals!

Couldn't sleep so I figured I'd post this week's work now, 3:00am!! Are any of you night owls?I relish the quiet. I pretty much started from scratch here as you can see. Hopefully this layout is working out better and not so confusing to the viewer with regard to the perspective on the book. I sketched it on toned paper something I don't normally do but figured why not? It's supposed to be easier to start on a neutral surface and it was the biggest piece I had of the good stuff left that this piece would fit on. My decisions are lots of times based on need versus plan, agh! Also eventhough recently I've worked a lot in gouache and colored pencil I felt a longing to go back to my all time favorite medium, chalk pastel. A mess to work in but a lot of fun! So let me know your thoughts on this piece. Oh, this is going to be a nightime star-filled sky with a couple of planets way off in the distance. Didn't get there yet but will be adding them in. Any suggestions on their placement in particular would be really helpful. I've been stuck on that. Not knowing exactly where to put them, how many, how big? The big arch is the moon. Back to bed now! Thanks........


  1. Giselle, as soon as I saw this I let out (literally) a big "OOOHH!" I REALLY like this layout a lot! I love the new book, the number of childern, all the different directions they're looking in, it's great! The only little thing I notice, and it could be just me, is I think the hanging girl's head might be a teeny tiny bit too small for her body. But just a little. Other than that, my gut reaction was that this is great and I'm sticking to it! And I liked it even better when you said this will be night and that's the moon, just terrific! Can't wait to see more!

  2. This is a wonderful design. WOW-I love it. I love the way all the chidlren are looking and I really like the child who is in the middle with her hands up. What medium are you going to use? I wouldn't change a thing on this.


  3. Hi Giselle,
    I like this latout much better than the first. All the kids look like they are having a great time. I love the kids that are pointing anf the shoe kind of falling off the girl's foot is a nice touch. I think I would add some stars and some details to earth . But other thasn that I think you have a very strong piece here!

  4. Hi Giselle,
    This layout is wonderful - love that book and the kids look great!
    It works!! It flies!!
    The girl at the bottom of the book, her foot looks a little awkward or bent backwards, but, with a little tweeking or bending, she'll be fine.
    Your plans for color sound really nice - can't wait to see it in color - whether it be pastels or watercolor/gauche.
    Have fun and have a great weekend! Best, Chris M.

  5. Wow! This really has a lot of character. I especially love all the angles of the heads. It is like that book is getting whipped down to the ground. And you solved the angle problem with the previous one too. ahhh don't you just love it when things go right?