Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hello ladies!
Thanks so much for your feedback on this piece last week. I'm glad the book issue is over and it's clear now. I compare the two sketches now ,old and new, and I'm like what was I thinking. It looked so awkward!!! Like I keep saying all the time, thank God for this wonderful critique group. It's really been invaluable feedback.
Hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I did. I ended up taking my 15 yr old daughter Caitlin down to Manhattan for the day on Saturday. We're both city rats and love the hustle and bustle of it all eventhough we live in total suburbia! Managed to see lots of great stuff including visiting the Museum of Modern Art. Wow talk about inspiring! Hadn't been there myself for some years but remembered it well. Van Gogh's Starry Night is always an awesome sight in real life! We hit a couple of neat places for shopping and snacking in Times Square and then headed downtown to my alma mater Parsons on 14th street. It's always an adventure. Anyway as you can see from the colored version of my painting I didn't get very much done this week! Was having too much fun sight seeing!
On another note, the highlights so far on the faces are kind of bright because its going to be a night scene with the moonlight lighting everything up. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I like the colors so far. The children are really coming alive in this. Are you using pastels? It looks really nice.

    You are lucky to be able to go to New York. I went there in 1979 and haven't been able to get back.


  2. I agree, I think this piece is coming along great! I love the looseness of the color, Are you planning on keeping with this style? I look forward to seeing it all done.

  3. This is off to a great start. I also like the loose color in this. Some of the nose lines could be darkened just a bit but that could be the scan too.

  4. Hi Giselle,
    Looks great so far! Love the action that's moving with the book, the children and their hair! Great windy hair effect!
    The girl's arm, in the green shirt, looks a little awkward to me, but, perhaps that will change as you progress.
    Can't wait to see this finished - definetly a fun illustration - the art directors will love it.
    Sounds like you had fun in NYC. A writer from my children's PB crit group just went to NYC this weekend as well. She flew in from LA, Calif. and they lost her and 34 other passenger's luggage on the flight back. Glad we live in New England and can drive or train to NYC.
    We hope to get my mom down to the city sometime this Fall - before the snow, but, then again, I love NYC during the holidays.
    I'm babbling - this illustration is coming along wonderfully - have a great week, Chris

  5. Hi Giselle!
    I agree, this is coming along really nicely! I love that they're different ethnicities, great addition! I am curious, too, is this pastel? It does have a pastel feel to it but I don't think I've ever seen you work in pastel? But perhaps I am wrong.
    I do agree with the comment about the girl in green's arm. There's something about the way it's bent that looks know, I think it's the shading. It's slight, but the shading on the interior bend of her elbow has a slight "to the left" feeling but I think it should go down. Oh dear, did that make sense? Like, when I bend my elbow like that, my creases and shadows go down at a diagnol and her's go left which makes the "pull" look weird. I hope that makes sense! But I think it's all in the pull of the cloth which is easily adjusted with shading and not a drawing issue.

    Very nice, can't wait to see more! I can tell this piece is going to be great!


  6. Hi Giselle,
    whatever medium you are using is perfect for the motion of the fall. I am really feeling that there is a great speed with the book falling. Can't wait to see it finished!