Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hello ladies!
Thanks so much for your feedback on this piece last week. I'm glad the book issue is over and it's clear now. I compare the two sketches now ,old and new, and I'm like what was I thinking. It looked so awkward!!! Like I keep saying all the time, thank God for this wonderful critique group. It's really been invaluable feedback.
Hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I did. I ended up taking my 15 yr old daughter Caitlin down to Manhattan for the day on Saturday. We're both city rats and love the hustle and bustle of it all eventhough we live in total suburbia! Managed to see lots of great stuff including visiting the Museum of Modern Art. Wow talk about inspiring! Hadn't been there myself for some years but remembered it well. Van Gogh's Starry Night is always an awesome sight in real life! We hit a couple of neat places for shopping and snacking in Times Square and then headed downtown to my alma mater Parsons on 14th street. It's always an adventure. Anyway as you can see from the colored version of my painting I didn't get very much done this week! Was having too much fun sight seeing!
On another note, the highlights so far on the faces are kind of bright because its going to be a night scene with the moonlight lighting everything up. Let me know your thoughts.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New flying book!

Hi gals!

Couldn't sleep so I figured I'd post this week's work now, 3:00am!! Are any of you night owls?I relish the quiet. I pretty much started from scratch here as you can see. Hopefully this layout is working out better and not so confusing to the viewer with regard to the perspective on the book. I sketched it on toned paper something I don't normally do but figured why not? It's supposed to be easier to start on a neutral surface and it was the biggest piece I had of the good stuff left that this piece would fit on. My decisions are lots of times based on need versus plan, agh! Also eventhough recently I've worked a lot in gouache and colored pencil I felt a longing to go back to my all time favorite medium, chalk pastel. A mess to work in but a lot of fun! So let me know your thoughts on this piece. Oh, this is going to be a nightime star-filled sky with a couple of planets way off in the distance. Didn't get there yet but will be adding them in. Any suggestions on their placement in particular would be really helpful. I've been stuck on that. Not knowing exactly where to put them, how many, how big? The big arch is the moon. Back to bed now! Thanks........

Monday, August 07, 2006

Promotion blahs.........

Hi gals,
Nothing to post for this week because I've been concentrating my energies towards the dreaded mailing list update. Not the most fun part of this business that's for sure! Anyway was just wondering how much time you all invest in this and if you have any tips on any part of it? Let me know.