Monday, July 24, 2006

Update on Moongirl

Hey Everyone,
Thanks so much for the great feedback on last weeks sketch. Found it very helpful. Wasn't able to do too much with this but did manage to fix the book a bit by holding a real one up in the air over and over and drawing from life. Anyway you guys let me know if it makes more sense now. Remember she's supposed to be hanging from the cover side. The book is bent open in an extreme kind of way and the pages are facing the sky above. Be blunt! I can take. If it still looks unreadable I work on it some more. Am having company this weekend and unfortunately have to get my act together and clean my house!! Not looking forward to it. Would love to finish this drawing for Sunday's posting so I can start painting during the week.


  1. The cat looks like he will fall off with this view unless you fold up the paper a little more. I think she is cute. :)

  2. Giselle,
    I have to be hard on you with this one because this is such a little thing that could wreck an awesome painting but.... I think it is still off. I am terrible at realism so I would wait to see what other people say before changing but I think it is acutally the way the pages of the book are falling and not exactly the angle. Plus, you picked a really tough angle to begin with! Could you make it easier on yourself by using an angle like this -

    Also, it might be a bit more dynamic if the cat had an "oh crap I am falling" instead of a sleepy expression.

  3. Hi Giselle!
    Yes, I have to agree with Carlyn on this one. I'm still just not seeing the angle correctly or that angle is just a bit off. If the part where your name is is the center binding, then the pages should be coming out from that binding. Right now the pages just don't look attached. Everything else about it is great - the girl, the baby, the cat (although I do think it's a great suggestion to either have the cat like "uh oh!" or have him more firmly on the book), the composition is terrific, but the book definitely needs to be looked at again. What about just taking a book and proping it up on the floor or something in this position to see what it looks like? What in doubt, grab a prop I always say! :)

    Terrific piece and one definitely worth tweeking to make it a show stopper!


  4. I love this piece and I agree with everyone's comments so far. This is one worth making perfect. Wouldn't the pages of the book be flapping in the wind more too?


  5. Hi Giselle,
    The girl and the baby are looking great. Did you fix their hands? The hands and arms are looking good too and I love the sense of falling you've given the girl.
    As for the book's perspective, I's have to say ditto... Something still is not right with the book, however, now I can see through the improvements that you made so far, what you're trying to do.
    I think seeing all of the pages lined up like they are, plays tricks on one's vision and perspective, until you look at it closer. What if you show more of the page on top, (the one the cat is sleeping on) - raise it or roll it up a little more. This might help define the other pages so we can see what they are.
    As for the cat, I love him, he's so cute, but, now that the others have mentioned it, I can see where it may make more sense to have him hanging on or falling off the book too. Unless you can have hime sleeping on a cloud or something.
    Just a few ideas. Keep your chin up, it's coming along great and perspective can be tricky sometimes. It's always a challenge, but fun.
    Good luck with cleaning your house and company. Have a great weekend! Chris M.