Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back home from vacation!

Hi everyone,
Sorry to say I don't have anything to post for this week because of my vacation hiatus but WOW! what a great bunch of art posted here this week so far to get inspired with! Hope to have a new sketch up for next week and get back into the full swing of things. Enjoying this critique group tremendously.


  1. Hi Giselle - welcome back!
    Hope you had a great vacation by the lake. One of the girls from my PB writers critique group set sail for a 3 hour tour with her family last week - and it turned into a 4 day tour - filled with lightning storms, down masts and trees.
    The good news is they made it home okay - with a new story to write as well.
    Anywho - looking forward to seeing some more sketches. Thanks for getting this group started - it is a tremedous group wouldn't you say?
    Best, Chris M.

  2. Thanks ladies,
    It's always good to get back to the normalcy of things! And yes Chris this group is turning out to be really great. Hope evryone else is enjoying it as much as me!!!