Sunday, July 30, 2006

My guests have departed. AHHHHHHHH

Hey gals!
It was a really fun weekend of food and drink and long talks into the night with relatives I've missed for some time. I' m literally running on empty at this point and am sorry to say I got absolutely nothing done in terms of my artwork of course but did manage to post critiques for everyone's works this past week tonight. Which were again very inspiring! So take a look. Thanks so much for the suggestions on my moongirl piece. I'll get it right soon enough just a matter of some more tweaking. My anxiousness to start painting will motivate me to fix that darn flying book. It's funny how sometimes you think something is going to be easy and then the simplest things can just seem so daunting. I have a picture in my mind of how I want it to look and it's just not there yet in the sketch. I always seem to pick wacky perspectives because I love them but then struggle to get them down. Anyway, hopefully my picture in my mind will come to fruition on paper soon. Again thanks for all the help and inspiration!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Update on Moongirl

Hey Everyone,
Thanks so much for the great feedback on last weeks sketch. Found it very helpful. Wasn't able to do too much with this but did manage to fix the book a bit by holding a real one up in the air over and over and drawing from life. Anyway you guys let me know if it makes more sense now. Remember she's supposed to be hanging from the cover side. The book is bent open in an extreme kind of way and the pages are facing the sky above. Be blunt! I can take. If it still looks unreadable I work on it some more. Am having company this weekend and unfortunately have to get my act together and clean my house!! Not looking forward to it. Would love to finish this drawing for Sunday's posting so I can start painting during the week.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Promo piece sketch!!!

Hi everybody,
It seems like ages since I've posted something new!! Anyway here it is. I was hoping to come up with a new promo piece to send out as a large postcard and came up with this sketch. Let me know if it works and what you see that doesn't. I started to throw in the dark blue star filled night in photoshop so you could get an idea of what the negative space will look like more clearly but I erased it and figured I'll wait until I get your feedback on the drawing before I spend time on anything further. I'm going to paint this in gouache and also use colored pencil for details. The lettering on the cover of the book will be digital for sure and everything else will be in paint. Right now, as is, the lettering is just rough sketched in.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back home from vacation!

Hi everyone,
Sorry to say I don't have anything to post for this week because of my vacation hiatus but WOW! what a great bunch of art posted here this week so far to get inspired with! Hope to have a new sketch up for next week and get back into the full swing of things. Enjoying this critique group tremendously.