Saturday, June 17, 2006

Willie Dog

Well here's a piece I had in my portfolio a while ago but took out after a seasoned illustrator told me it didn't go with the rest of my work in terms of style. I was never quite sure so I'd love to know your thoughts. Should I use it or would it look off? I trust your judgement wholeheartedly. It used to be my hubby's dog when we met a 100 years ago and he was a great dog so I did a portrait of him. Anyway, do you think it's too "fine art" category or can he fit in.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I don't know Giselle. It is a little different than some of your other work. But I think it's a nice piece. The color is wonderful. I don't think I would take it out myself.

  2. Hi Giselle: I love this - the colour alone is gorgeous and the style is lovely too. I don't think it is too fine art oriented. But I think the question really should be can I do other illustrations in this style in a consistent way? A number of the books i have been reading lately really push the boundary between illustration and fine art. Like "I dream of trains" illustrated by Loren Long or any number of the books illustrated by Harvey Chan, such as "Ghost Train" by Paul Yee. (Sorry about the train theme I have to read to a little fellow wvery night) Its a beautiful piece and I would also be reluctant to take it out, but I also understand the reasoning for taking it out. It might be an experiement to try to do another piece in this style but with more action oriented - less like a portrait.

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I love this painting -or is it pastel? I love the dog's expression and his/her eyes - even for a portrait. His fur is so soft, I feel like I could pet him. Very sweet.
    I can see where it would be a hard decision to leave in or take out. Perhaps line up /layout this painting with your other portfolio pieces and sit back and look at them as a whole - then follow your gut instinct. I can tell this painting is still very much your style - so it may fit in with some of your other pieces.
    Or perhaps try to re-do this painting as a children's illustration, adding perhaps a little action or a child. This is a lovely piece - and it could even work as juvenile book cover.
    Hope this helps. Best, Chris

  4. I really love this illustration. The dog has a wonderful, happy look on his/her face. It is really soft and flowing. It reminds me of a dream. I haven't seen any of your other work yet but I would leave it in as long as you know you can also do other work that is similiar to this style.


  5. I would keep it in. Yes, it is different but you might come across an editor or art director looking for art in a more fine art style. In fact, I would use this image as a post card mailing to see if you get requests for more art in this style.

  6. Chris Mix, I think it's a great suggestion to try a re-do of this in your children's style. I, too, think this painting is absolutley gorgeous but personally my gut reaction was not to have it included. Again, it's awesome, but it just doesn't fit enough with the rest of your work to make sense in any consistant manner. If you had other similar pieces I would say go for it. Even if you created a couple of paintings of children with a similar feel to be included in your portfolio to show you have two different aspects to you as an artist then this piece would make sense to be included, not to mention a great example of your abilities. But seeing the rest of your work as you have shown it here and then to see just this piece alone in your portfolio, it would seem a bit confusing to me as an art director. Just my opinion but again, it is a great painting!