Sunday, June 04, 2006

Redoing portfolio piece

I'm up to more revamping! This is a piece I've had in my portfolio for some time and was never really happy with. The little boy is supposed to be getting himself and his pup ready for a Halloween outting with his siblings. The group pic of them is on my site it's called "Halloween". Anyway, I felt I couldn't get it right from the get go and am now trying to salvage it. In particular it's the boy's face that bugs me. In the top illo I redid it and wanted to know what you think. I'm getting ready for the regional NY conference in Poughkeepsie this coming Sat the 10th and am trying to fine tune my pieces. If you think I should toss it out by all means let me know. Hopefully this week I'll get my critiques in earlier. Times just flying with the end of school approaching!! Yikes!!!! PS. The top one is the final version of the face. Brenda I gave him more of a neck with shading and trimming and added that one in after I read your suggestion. Thanks, I really counldn't see that he didn't have a neck!! Let me know what you all think.


  1. Hi Giselle,
    I like the playfulness of the piece. I think the boy's face looks a little long. It doesn't really seem that he has a neck.Maybe the head is just a little too big for the body. His arm holding the hat looks a little short to me as well. I love all the stuff on the floor in his room. That is definitely reality!
    I think with a little work, this piece is going to really be a nice portfolio piece!

  2. Hi Giselle,
    That dog is outrageous - love his expression and legs.
    The room looks great and I love the cowboy suit, the floors and the way you handle all the little details around the room.
    I like the eyes in the 1st images, was that the old version? Somehow, the eyes seem too big in the bottom pictures. I see what Brenda says about the arm seeming too short. The hands look too small as well. The bottom hand, (on the dog's color) seems somehow out of proportion or the angle seems awkward. You may want to play around with that - ask someone in your famiy to model with the dog and perhaps take a picture as a study for redrawing (the hands only) if you can.
    Hope this makes sense. This illustration has great potential - and I'm sure with just a little tweaking you'll have it all ready for the conf. in NY. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
    Chris p.s. be careful driving, there's a North Easter type storm coming in tomorrow through the weekend, but, the worst of it should in Mass. and Conn. You may want to give yourself extra driving time though - Friday is supposed to be a very wet day. Happy Trails and we'll keep our fingers crossed for ya, perhaps the storm will stall out at sea?.

  3. Yes Chris the top is the final version. I just kept it a close- up so you could see the face which is the only thing I touched up so far. I guess I'm on the right track if you think the top one is better than the other ones where the eyes are open and too darn close together!!! Thanks a bunch for your input.

  4. Giselle,
    I definitely think this is salvagable... is that a word? Anyway, I think the skin tone is off on the boys face or I should say the skin tone does not match his hair color. His face looks very yellowish which makes his hair look dyed.

    I also think if you threw a touch of testosterone his way that he would be thanking you. I actually thought the boy was a girl. I think it was the hair.

    That dog is fabulous. love the expression.

  5. Hi Giselle!
    I think you're actually at the conference right now so my help may be a bit too late! I was actually planning on going to that conference but it turned out my best friend's bachelorette party is tonight (twist my arm!). I agree with what's been said here and it looks like you've made some great changes so far! Personally, and this may be just me, but I'd sort of like to see the overall composition readjusted as well here. I love the idea and I think you have some great imagery but I feel like there is too much space in between everything and it's making me loose that sense of "organized chaos" if you will. I think you could tighten up the composition and really focus in on all of the great imagery and get a much better sense of a little boy in the midst of getting ready for a great big night. Just my opinion but I usually believe that by removing any unnecessary items or space and really focusing in on what's important you will usually walk away with a stronger composition.

    Hope you're having fun at the conference! I'll be thinking of you! -Gina