Monday, June 12, 2006

Back from Regional SCBWI Conference in Poughkeepsie,NY

Hi everybody,
I had a great time at my conference this weekend! My portfolio review did not end up being very informative or inspiring but other than that everything was really wonderful. The most fun was the workshop I took in the afternoon with the illustrator Brian Karas. He was really relaxed and a lot of fun. Made us feel like we were back in a college classroom enjoying and learning about the art of illustration. He looked like a typical professor out of a movie with the a little bit worn tweed jacket, rumpled hair, glasses and very much into his "thing". Very passionate about what he does and wanted to know about us too. Anyway to make a long story short his workshop focused on character development in picture books and we all had to come up with some "characters" so this a a sketch I did during the class. After everyone was done we put them all up and we critiqued them. Learned a lot! Can't wait to go next year! It was actually much better than the NYC one I went to in April. Through the one this weekend I learned the place to be is the big one that takes place in the winter in NYC. Lots of art buyers and great networking opportunities. I think I'm going for it next year if everything works out.


  1. these are so different from some of your other postings. SOmehting about your line work is very determined (more so on the dog)

    I love how the hiar is sticking up and the very determined, bratty nose on the girl.

    What are these for?

    Which editor(s) spoke at the ny conference?

  2. Hey Carlyn,
    I usually start a piece really loose and then get tighter as I progress. I think a lot is lost in the transition and it's something I'm currently working on "looseness" in my newer stuff. By the way the editors that spoke at the conference were Meridith Wasinger from Sterling Pub. and Lisa Snadell also spoke but that was during my illustrator's workshop. Merideth was very thorough and informative about how to present yourself professionally mostly.

  3. Hi Giselle -
    Sounds like it was a great conference, I hope to attend hopefully next year, along with the Illustrators Conf. in April.
    The Winter New York conference is a great place to be and to show work, I try to get there almost every 1 or 2 years as it gets very expensive.
    What fun sketches - my guess they were for an exercise in your workshop? Very fun and full of confrontation.
    Thanks for sharing - and have a great weekend - Chris

  4. That girl is my little one. She will get what she is after. Great sketches.