Sunday, June 25, 2006

Goals while on vacation? Hmm? Don't know

Hi everyone,
Yes I'm at the beach with my family in Bethany, Delaware! And yes I'm lovin it big time eventhough I put sunscreen on everyone within reach today but forgot to do myself! So I got a bit roasted. Oh well, such are the dilemas of vacationing. Great scenery here by the way. Lush vegetation beautiful surf and sand. Tons of interesting folk to draw and lots of downtime just to think about whatever. I'm feeling a bit guilty not sketching away vigorously but i think I'm going to take it easy this week and hit the sketch book with a vengence when I'm totally rested, which is something I've be wanting and needing for some months now. Anyway, I'll be online most every night watching for postings and enjoying your works. So for now my goals this week are to rest and soak in some of life's simple pleasures like sitting under my umbrella on the beach with a good trashy book and a nice cold soda. Happy Blogging, from your fellow sunburnt critiquer!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey Another new member joining soon!!

Hi all,
Just want to let you know we have another new member joining us soon. Her name is Rebecca Gavney Driscoll. Her website link is the following: Check it out!!! Happy blogging.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Willie Dog

Well here's a piece I had in my portfolio a while ago but took out after a seasoned illustrator told me it didn't go with the rest of my work in terms of style. I was never quite sure so I'd love to know your thoughts. Should I use it or would it look off? I trust your judgement wholeheartedly. It used to be my hubby's dog when we met a 100 years ago and he was a great dog so I did a portrait of him. Anyway, do you think it's too "fine art" category or can he fit in.

Thanks in advance!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Back from Regional SCBWI Conference in Poughkeepsie,NY

Hi everybody,
I had a great time at my conference this weekend! My portfolio review did not end up being very informative or inspiring but other than that everything was really wonderful. The most fun was the workshop I took in the afternoon with the illustrator Brian Karas. He was really relaxed and a lot of fun. Made us feel like we were back in a college classroom enjoying and learning about the art of illustration. He looked like a typical professor out of a movie with the a little bit worn tweed jacket, rumpled hair, glasses and very much into his "thing". Very passionate about what he does and wanted to know about us too. Anyway to make a long story short his workshop focused on character development in picture books and we all had to come up with some "characters" so this a a sketch I did during the class. After everyone was done we put them all up and we critiqued them. Learned a lot! Can't wait to go next year! It was actually much better than the NYC one I went to in April. Through the one this weekend I learned the place to be is the big one that takes place in the winter in NYC. Lots of art buyers and great networking opportunities. I think I'm going for it next year if everything works out.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Redoing portfolio piece

I'm up to more revamping! This is a piece I've had in my portfolio for some time and was never really happy with. The little boy is supposed to be getting himself and his pup ready for a Halloween outting with his siblings. The group pic of them is on my site it's called "Halloween". Anyway, I felt I couldn't get it right from the get go and am now trying to salvage it. In particular it's the boy's face that bugs me. In the top illo I redid it and wanted to know what you think. I'm getting ready for the regional NY conference in Poughkeepsie this coming Sat the 10th and am trying to fine tune my pieces. If you think I should toss it out by all means let me know. Hopefully this week I'll get my critiques in earlier. Times just flying with the end of school approaching!! Yikes!!!! PS. The top one is the final version of the face. Brenda I gave him more of a neck with shading and trimming and added that one in after I read your suggestion. Thanks, I really counldn't see that he didn't have a neck!! Let me know what you all think.