Sunday, May 21, 2006

Personnal Website Revamped

Hi everyone, Just want to say thanks so much for all of your great feedback on my aerial wolf pic! It definitely put me in the right direction. The suggestion about the perspective on the wolf's head and the interaction between Red and him not being pronounced enough is something I completely overlooked! I will take everything into consideration. They were all very valid observations! Thanks Carlyn for the very cool rough with the layout for the text great idea! Like Pat pointed out also the text was creating a wall there in the path, what was I thinking? Anyway, I've been working this week on getting my website to look better. This piece is the Welcome page image which some of you have seen before but I expanded the background"sky" area to give my little diver here more room to make him seem more like he's got a ways to go before he hits the water. I could fit the type at the bottom in better now too. Was wondering if you all could give me a mini review of the site and how it comes off in general, navigation, layout of art, clarity of text, is it too boring? I don't know, what ever comes to mind. I really want to know so don't be shy. I have a very tough skin. Here's the link: You guys are great. Miss Ginger already!


  1. Hi Giselle! Your website looks great! I'm pretty jealous actually, did you make it yourself or did someone put it together for you? I'd love to revamp mine, too, but don't really know where to begin, especially with strapped finances!

    Anyway, the only picky things I have to say about the website are that I wasn't sure what the difference was between the "home" link and the "welcome" link? They seemed to be the same except for the words "home" and "welcome." I'd probably just eliminate one to simplify things unless you had future plans for one of those pages.

    I also wasn't sure why I would need to go to the "login" page and login? Is there information you would receive from logging in verses not logging in? How do I become a member and what are my benefits? I'd just make that part clear, again, unless there are future plans for this space that aren't clear yet.

    But the design looks great, the artwork, of course, looks great! Overall, a very snazzy website that I am very envious of! :) -Gina

  2. Hey Gina,

    Thanks for the feedback! Glad you didn't find too much that needed tweaking. Actually the Login page is where I sign in and can change my works and have complete access for the site. It's really just for the owner of the site. All the websites on 2 Tier Software ,the company that hosts my site, have this login page for its customers. In other words it's not for the general public. I never really thought people browsing would want to login. But of course as you said it gives the visitor the idea that there might be something to sign up for, which there isn't. I'm glad you pointed it out though. The only thing I can do is change the title "login" to something else that won't be as noticeable. I'll have to think of something. I can't hide it because that's the only entrance for me to the site so that I can change things. An no I didn't have anyone build it for, thanks for the compliment! Don't know any of that HTML. It's actually a really basic template that I fiddled with endlessly and posted my own banner and headings I created in photoshop with my scanned art. Beleive me it took me forever. I'm a real spas when it comes to stuff like this and after much trial and error I got pretty close to what I wanted just studying other peoples sites and what worked and what didn't and went from there. Using their template was not fun. The program isn't very user friendly and there seem to be lots of extra steps to take to do simple tasks but since I've grown quite accustomed to it I've learned how it works. I actually was considering getting a different company to host my site and whatever template they offer but I figured I've got this one down just stick with it for now! Oh, on another note, the Home page is where you enter and then the idea was that the boy is on the other side of the door and you come in to the site and meet him on the Welcome page. I guess it is redundant but I'm stubborn and really liked my initial concept although I obviously have to make the concept clearer. It's a never ending series of updates my site but as long as I feel I'm moving forward and getting it to work more smoothly I'm happy. Again thanks for the comments they're invaluable.

  3. Wow, you are really good at creating your own site! I definitely would have guessed that it was done for you professionally. I just use geocites at yahoo. It's very basic but for $8 bucks a month it does what I need it to do (show my work!) with minimal headache but also minimal pazazz! And now that I look at your site again, I don't know why but I didn't notice before that the "home" had the door and the "welcome" was wide open (even though I know we went over this aspect as members of! It's funny that I didn't remember that!) so going back again I do see that now. Honestly, terrific job. It makes me want to jazz mine up this summer! :)

  4. Hi Giselle,
    Wow, your site looks great. You have a good start.
    The home page is very interesting and I like the way the door opens to the welcome page, but, agree with the others. Perhaps if you add a menu/site content, contact info., links, bio or something to the welcome page, that could make it a working page, and it would make a big difference. Maybe add some thumbnail images and link them to the other pages to make it fun.
    Or perhaps you can use the image from the home page (of the door opening) to link it to the gallery. Now that would be cool. Or do a combo of both. Play around with the options and I'm sure you'll do fine.
    The gallery looks great, but, I noticed that some of images towards the bottom didn't come out, or maybe it's my computer. The only images that uploaded were from top (Wolf & hunter) to the Ballerina in the middle. The rest of the boxes towards the bottom of the page were empty except for the X in the corner.
    What size are your images? For my website, I use 3 different sizes I learned from my favorite computer geek - 72 resolution for all website images (makes them upload quicker) is the norm, and the largest size should be 7 X 5 inches, medium size, 6 X 4 and thumbsize 2 X 3 inches. Thumb size images are great for linking.
    For example, on my page, I have the thumb image (with a link set) on one page, then viewers can click on that and link to another larger version of the image or a whole other page. I hope this makes sense.
    Anywho, the links all seem to work fine, love your link info. page - great resources. I sent you a email via your contact page to test that it's working okay, so hopefully you got that.
    The bio looks great too, very professional and intersting.
    The only other thing I would consider is perhaps show some B/W images or sketches - art directors and editors like to see both kinds of media. You may want to make a seperate gallery for the B/W art though.
    The paintings for Red Hiding Hood look beautiful by the way.
    My boyfriend had 2-Tier for his website, and has recenly changed over to Dreamweaver, so I understand what you went through setting you site up. I'm amazed that you were able to do all the wonderful things you've done so far. It looks great. Good luck tweaking, and have fun! Have a great weekend, Chris