Monday, May 08, 2006

More sketches from Little Red...

Hi everyone, here are two more sketches I again rushed through to get ready for my conference two weeks ago and haven't done much with since. Was wondering what your suggestions might be on either of them. The first one is when the wolf convinces her to stay and "smell" the flowers and pick some for her Grandma so he can run ahead and get to Grandma before Red does. The second is when the wolf is sleeping in Grandma's bed already and the huntsman hears a very loud snore coming from the window and becomes suspicious.


  1. I can almost smell the smoke from the hunter's pipe. These sketches are both very detailed and I know the painting process will take time. I am especailly drawn to the hunter. Those eyes convey a message of distrust, awareness, or simply 'what the heck was that'....really good Giselle.

    Litte Red is also impressing me as being consistent throughout the pictures you have shared so far. When the wolf is ambling off to grandma's I think we should see more of him or perhaps I am thinking he should be bigger, but that could just be my memories of the tale creeping into my thoughts. I realize you said these were quick sketches, but they both convey a message.

  2. I have to say I really like to look on the hunters face. His eyes are almost piercing. You can tell he's unsure about somethng. I am looking forward to seeing these painted.

  3. Yes, that hunter is great! Love everything about that sketch! With Red, the only thing I would probably change are her eyes. I'm good with the wolf being off in the distance but I'd like to see Red's eyes closed for some reason. I think it would make her seem more into smelling that flower and more oblivious to what the wolf is up to. Plus with her looking up I feel like I'm supposed to look up to see what she's looking at (although logically I know it's supposed to be more of a whimsical, "ah, the smell of flowers!" kind of inhale, look up!). It's a subtle change but I think it would really add to her complete lack of understanding what's going on around her. Other than that, great job, I'm sure the painting will be lovely as usual (if you are going to paint them, or are they dummy sketches only?).

    Out of curiosity, where will the words be placed? Will they be on the images or on the opposite pages? I was just commenting on Chris's pieces about text placement and I think it's an interesing topic for discussion. Actually, I was going to go on here but I think I'll start a separate topic for this.

    Great job, Giselle! -Gina

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  5. Hi Giselle: I think the huntsman is great. He is very consisitent with your previous illustrations. I get a sense that he is taking a moment out to try to discern something. Little Red's illustration feels a little off somehow and it may be as Gina says that she needs to be engrossed in her flowers rather than looking after the wolf. Otherwise we can't see that the draw of taking time out from her trip to visit grandma's to smell the flowers is enough of a distraction. I almost want to see her surrounded by the flowers, as if that is all she can see at that moment. The face of this little girl is as sweet as your previous illustrations and the wolf sneaking off into the background is a good way of letting us feel the contrast of the sweetness of Little Red's being happy to live in the moment and the wolf's long term scheming to get him what he wants, always trying to plan ahead.

  6. Hi Giselle -
    I love the way you draw your sketches - very free flowing, but, soft. The Hunter looks great and I think you're on the right track with that.
    Red looks so sweet and beautiful - I love the way she is drawn, but,I agree with the others about directing her eyes either more towards the flower or closing them as if she's smelling the flowers and oblivious to where the wolf is heading off to is a good idea.
    You could possibly bring the wolf in to the foreground a little more - and make him look a little more sneaky - maybe make him look like he's slinking away with that evil grin you're so good at - and have been so successful with in the other drawings of him.
    For putting these together so quickly, I think you did a great job. As for the text issue, I'll have to refer to what Brenda commented on my site - which I haven't read yet today. It's been a whirl wind of a week.
    I am up for a discussion on text placement though - it would do us all good.
    Anywho - Thanks for sharing - I love the way these sketches are drawn - beautiful. Best, Chris