Sunday, May 14, 2006

Aerial view of Red and Wolf

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great weekend I know I did. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas and comments about my last two sketches. Very helpful. And yes Gina in my book dummy I have very few pieces where the text is on the actual page with the art except this week's work. So with last week's work the text was on the opposite page for the most part. Again I think the issue is so important, as we discussed last week, that to get the book dummy together quickly I kept the images separate from the art. I could spend just as much time incorporating the text into the art as I do painting the illustrations! I love the design aspect of children's book illustration. Anyway, here's another sketch from my Little Red.. book dummy. It's where the wolf meets up with Red on her way to Grandma's. It's very unfinished I think, even in terms of a sketch, but I wanted to know what you all thought of the aerial view and the text placement of course in particular. If I go with this composition I would make the foliage and edges of the pic very deep and dark so as to focus on the characters. Keep the path on the light side with some flickering lightrays coming down through the trees limbs. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions! Oh, This is a double spread by the way .Thanks in Advance


  1. Hi Giselle, There is a very nice ratio of Red to the wolf in this image. I like the way he is all stretched out and looks so huge compared to her. I also like the effect of the wooded path and look forward to the finish on this one. What does bother me is the text. Not the placement but the text itself. There is a tense issue in the last two lines where the wolf is thinking to himself. He uses past tense as "he thought" but future tense as in
    "will be". Just a little hiccup on my part, perhaps, but it did stand out to me.

    I do like the conversation between the two of them. It fits the mood of the child who is unaware of the danger she is in.

  2. I love the perspective of this one! What a great idea! I look forward to seeing more!

  3. hi Giselle, I love the perspective and I think you could use the tension between the text and the image to your advantage. I can't figure out how to upload images in a comment but here is an example

    I did this really sloppy but you could have the text form the shame of a wolf's mouth engulfing the illustration. And have the majority of the forest around the sides so that it creates a tunnel effect and an ominous walking into danger feel. (maybe like creepy trees swallowing the image)

    kill the flowers! Make this scene dark and erie.

    (forgive's been raining for 2 weeks straight. I am a little morose at this point)

  4. Giselle,
    I really like the idea of an aerial view. The fact that you plan to darken the outer areas is good too. Are you going to have her face showing a bit? You can really play up the wooded creepiness by making the trees reach out a bit and add some scary shapes in the lights and darks once you get more detailed in this. Cool viewpoint. I would also have the wolf's body curve or angle a bit somehow toward and away from her...make it more dramatic in the wolf's body position..whether you use the tail to do it, or shadows under the wolf..maybe make the wolf's shadow extreme leaning toward the bottom..and red's shadow...use those shadows for all you can to make it dramatic.

  5. Hi Giselle!
    I agree, I think this piece is going to be all about the shading. The perspective is great (I'm a fan of this viewpoint myself!) and I think the creepy shadows and dark edges will really finish this piece off. One picky thing to point out. When we're looking down at Red's head, I think you've really got it there, but looking down at the wolf's face I think we see too much. If he is bigger than her, then he would also be looking slightly down at her and we would not be able to see his eyes. With his face drawn as it is, it looks as though he's looking slightly UP and I'm sure you don't want Red bigger than him! Again, a slight thing to point out but the bigger and bader you make him, the better, right?! Great job, keep going! -Gina

  6. Hi Giselle: I like that we are able to see the two characters from this angle. I can see why you wouldn't be able to develop this too far without the use of colour and shading. I like it that the two are walking side by side now that the wolf wants to appear as a companion rather than an adversary when he wants to get the info from red. The only thing that you might want to playwith here is the wall the type creates here. The figures look like there path is a bit blocked by it. Could you consider breaking it up a bit more or even place it behind them so as not to block their path?

  7. Hi Giselle -
    The aerial view of the wolf is terrific and I think the placement of the text works as well.
    At first the aerial of the whole picture looks great, but, as I look closer at Red I realize I can't tell which direction she is facing - which is her front and which is her back. She seems as if she's walking along side the wolf instead of talking directly to him. Perhaps if you can turn her facing the wolf and show just a wee little of her face, that may help.
    I agree with the others that you may want to add some scary trees as well and give the whole image more of a tunnel vision - which the illustration is well on it's way to anyways.
    I think it's a great start and with just a little tweaking, it will be great. Best, Chris