Sunday, May 21, 2006

Personnal Website Revamped

Hi everyone, Just want to say thanks so much for all of your great feedback on my aerial wolf pic! It definitely put me in the right direction. The suggestion about the perspective on the wolf's head and the interaction between Red and him not being pronounced enough is something I completely overlooked! I will take everything into consideration. They were all very valid observations! Thanks Carlyn for the very cool rough with the layout for the text great idea! Like Pat pointed out also the text was creating a wall there in the path, what was I thinking? Anyway, I've been working this week on getting my website to look better. This piece is the Welcome page image which some of you have seen before but I expanded the background"sky" area to give my little diver here more room to make him seem more like he's got a ways to go before he hits the water. I could fit the type at the bottom in better now too. Was wondering if you all could give me a mini review of the site and how it comes off in general, navigation, layout of art, clarity of text, is it too boring? I don't know, what ever comes to mind. I really want to know so don't be shy. I have a very tough skin. Here's the link: You guys are great. Miss Ginger already!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Aerial view of Red and Wolf

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great weekend I know I did. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas and comments about my last two sketches. Very helpful. And yes Gina in my book dummy I have very few pieces where the text is on the actual page with the art except this week's work. So with last week's work the text was on the opposite page for the most part. Again I think the issue is so important, as we discussed last week, that to get the book dummy together quickly I kept the images separate from the art. I could spend just as much time incorporating the text into the art as I do painting the illustrations! I love the design aspect of children's book illustration. Anyway, here's another sketch from my Little Red.. book dummy. It's where the wolf meets up with Red on her way to Grandma's. It's very unfinished I think, even in terms of a sketch, but I wanted to know what you all thought of the aerial view and the text placement of course in particular. If I go with this composition I would make the foliage and edges of the pic very deep and dark so as to focus on the characters. Keep the path on the light side with some flickering lightrays coming down through the trees limbs. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions! Oh, This is a double spread by the way .Thanks in Advance

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sunday Switch

Post new works/updates/goals for the week on Sundays from now on. Looking forward to it!! Happy Blogging , Giselle

Monday, May 08, 2006

More sketches from Little Red...

Hi everyone, here are two more sketches I again rushed through to get ready for my conference two weeks ago and haven't done much with since. Was wondering what your suggestions might be on either of them. The first one is when the wolf convinces her to stay and "smell" the flowers and pick some for her Grandma so he can run ahead and get to Grandma before Red does. The second is when the wolf is sleeping in Grandma's bed already and the huntsman hears a very loud snore coming from the window and becomes suspicious.