Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wolf in Granny's Bed

Hi everyone, Here are another two sketches from my Little Red story. This is Granny in her bed with the wolf outside knocking at the door (tail in window). She's telling Red to come in because she's too tired to get up and open it herself. And then of course the second piece is the wolf resting comfortable after "lunch"! Let me know your thoughts on any of it. It's always encouraging and very helpful. I meant to pose this question earlier but I'm thinking seriously about attending the SCBWI regional conference in Poughkeepsie,NY about 50 min from me on June 10th. At the NYC conference I heard sometimes these regional ones are geared very heavily towards writers verses illustrators. Have you heard anything in general or have any of you attended? I know Ginger is at one this week I believe and I am looking forward to hearing from her. Anyway enjoy your week and Good luck Ginger if you aren't there already. I'm sure you'll do great and make lots of contacts.


  1. Hello Giselle! Just a couple of things I notice in your granny sketch you may want to consider. The first thing that I noticed was the angel of the bed next to the wall. If you look at the bottom of the curtain on the right hand side it seems to touch the wall, but then the bed looks as though it goes back in space at an angle instead of being parallel to the wall and window which if it was touching the wall by the curtain, the bed could not go back at an angle. I think an easy fix for this would be to adjust the floor line to be less straight across the page and more at an angel so the bed and wall are parallel. Or you could also move the line of the base of the wall higher on the page giving the bed more room to angel back. Does that make sense?

    The other thing that I noticed, and this is an asthetic opinion here, but I would personally place some kind of post or divider of some kind between granny's bed and the front door. It just seems strange to me that you would walk in the door and granny's bed would be directly next to it and I think kids would find this odd as well. Even if you had a beam there or something to seperate the "bedroom" from the entrance I think it would be more believeable. Unfortunately I tried to open the wolf in bed for a closer look and it wouldn't let me (?) so I wasn't able to get a good look at it. From what I can tell though, looks pretty good!

    As far as regional conferences go, I have been to one local regional conference and found that it was probably 70/30 geared towards writers over illustrators. I felt like there was enough there that made it worth my while but there were maybe a handful of us illustrators there out of the couple hundred attendees and the presentations and workshops reflected this. Again, I think it's worth it just to meet people and hear about the inside scoop from the professionals but I didn't feel that it was all that strongly helpful for illustrators specifically. Unfortunately, the June 10th conference is yet ANOTHER conference I desparately wanted to attend (only about 2 hours from me) but it's the day/night of my friend's bachelorette party in Buffalo and I'm a bridesmaid so I really need to be there. Not that a fun bachelorette party really requires that they twist my arm to go, but I'm really bummed that the two big conferences I wanted to go to both fell the two days of this year that I couldn't go! But I do hear it's a good one and worth the trip if you can make it. Be sure to let us know if you go! -Gina

  2. Hi Giselle -
    I love Granny's expression on her face and they way you drew her tiny little body. The wolf's tail outside the window is very intriguing as well.
    I have to agree with Gina regarding the perspective of the wall, floor and the bed - as well as, adding a beam, some furniture or a little more space between Grandma's bed and the door in the first sketch.
    The second sketch works very well - and I love the way you played with the picture on the wall. Is that grandpa? I love the way his expression changes after the wolf eats grandma - very clever and fun for kids.
    The drapery and clothing work wonderfully too.
    Looks great.
    As for the Poughkeepsie NY conf. in June - it's pretty close to me to - about 2 - 3 hours West of us. I remember looking up info. about the conference on SCBWI's site - but, didn't see anything in the schedule for any kind of portfolio display or critiques for illustrators - That was a few months ago, so maybe I'll check it again.
    Good luck with everything -and the sketches are coming along great. Chris

  3. Giselle...these are a hoot. I love the framed photo with the image looking down at the wolf in shock..very funny touch. I think the perspective in the image with the wolf's feet showing is off...the bed looks a bit too short. You may be able to fix that by removing the board at the bottom and just extending the wolf's paws down a don't really need to have the board there at the bottom...kid's will get a kick out of the humor in this. I also like it that you show the wolf's tail in the window in the upper image. These are fun and look promising as to the finished illos. I like them!

  4. Two good sketches, I especially like the wolf one. The picture overhead looking shocked is really a great and unexpected touch. I think it might be nice to see abit more of the wolf in the window at granny's- maybe peaking inthrough a window in the door she couldn't see, but the viewer could. It may be too much but the wolf doesn't look like he's made a big meal of grandma in the second sketch. Adding a bit more of a rounded stomach may help suggest this. I really like the point of view you chose for the wolf in the bed. I might make the feet larger and perhaps show a half hearted attempt by the wolf to cover them up and do the same little attempt to cover up with the ears too. Maybe even raise the bottom end of the bed up a bit to emphasise the distance between the head and foot of the bed and the perspective of a child. Just a few suggestions to ponder. I certainly think that each illustration works as it stands even without changes. Can't wait t o see how these progress.

  5. Wow ,
    Thanks everyone for your help. I see the issues with the perspective and all the other comments. Very helpful.I have a whole book dummy of these to show you and hope to get lots of good feedback, as I have already on these and last weeks, so that I can really tweak everything until it feels right. Happy Blogging!!

  6. Hi Giselle, You mentioned that the regional conferences tend to be geared more toward writers. I noticed this at the New England conference last weekend, but I was able to apply almost all of their comments and words to the wise to illustration. That being said we did have the dynamic Timothy Basil Ering talk about his illustrations, books and lifestyle. Plus .... the wonderful workshops. Since you can only be in one place at any one time, it was hard to choose, but some were definately just for illustrators, and yet a number of writers joined in to see the process from story to artwork.

  7. I lke the images of Granny and the wolf as Granny. The wolf's tail in the window is a nice touch, but I think we need to see more of his back end to get the idea. Even in color it could still look like a bush outside the window. But, with a little bit of his body attached to it, it would make the statement that 'something big' is about to happen. Of course, since we are following the story it should be pretty obvious. Maybe if his tail had a distinctive white tip or something like that it would be easily detected as a tail outside the window.
    Mr. Wolf in Granny's bedclothes looks like he is delighted with his disguise! The picture is a teriffic touch.