Monday, April 17, 2006

Two New Sketches from my Book Dummy: Red Finds door of Grandma's cottage open No. 2 Huntsman saves them both

Hi everyone,
Here are two more sketches from my book dummy due for next week's conference! Yikes! I know they are going to get sloppier by the day but whatever right? I'm going to try and wing it. Anyway the first is when Red arrives at Grandma's and finds the door open. She senses something horrible has happened to her. The second takes place after the Huntsman has miraculously pulled Grandma and Red out of the belly of the wolf through his mouth and they are uninjured! Imagine that. Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  1. Hi Giselle -
    The sketches have a good start.
    The expression on Red's face in the first one works - but, perhaps after a little more detail we'll be able to tell more. She looks more surprised then frightened- but, perhaps a little more shading and tones will help.
    As for the 2nd sketch - the hunter, grandma and Red work well - however, the wolf looks more like a family dog than the wolf. His head kind of looks like a dalmation rather than the wolf's head - perhaps a little larger with more fur ruffled around the neck will help.
    Otherwise, it looks like you're on the right track - as for the rest of the dummy, just try to keep the quality of the sketches consistant if you can and don't stress. If you get stressed - Just breathe, drink lot's of herbal tea, sneak in a walk or two (even if it's just down the drive way) and you'll make it to the conference with a great dummy in hand. You've got a great PB - so don't worry - Good luck and Bon Voyage! Chris

  2. I can see where you're going with these, and I'm sure they will look great when finished.
    I agree with Chris that Red looks more surprised than scared in the first picture, almost looks like she's singing.
    I also agree that the wolf looks a bit like a dog in the second sketch. Another thing I noticed about that picture is that none of the people are in connection with eachother (looking at eachother). The hunter looks great just minding his own business being tired after fighting the wolf, but maybe grandma could look at Red, so you can see a connection between them? Other than that I think the composition looks very good, so I'm looking forward to see more of this.

  3. Hey Giselle, These are wonderful ideas. I like that the hunter is partially collapsed with relief now that the wolf lies dead.
    Perhaps if you enlarged the wolf a bit and let us see some of his tail or a paw or maybe more of his face he would look as fearsome in death as he did in life. Maybe just a bit more angular head would do it.
    I agree that red and Granny need more connection. Perhaps more of a clutching embrace. You know the way a frightened child hugs you tightly during a thunderstorm. She might not even be looking at Granny but have her head buried in her grandmothers shoulder.
    You have a wonderful way with your sketches. I like little Red's expression in her closeup. She almost looks too scared to scream. It's that moment when you inhale your fear and try to scream and nothing comes out.

    Keep on going and creating just the best for the conference. And good luck!

  4. I do agree Red could be more in an embrace with her grandmother, perhaps throw her arm around her neck and bury her face, as Ginger mentioned. And yes, the wolf looking more like the family dog is something I would also address. I am a particularly sensitive animal person (vegetarian, avid bug saver, etc ;) )so my opinions may sometimes be just me, but if I were a little kid, I know it would bother me to see him laying there dead like that. Is there perhaps a way to show him off in a corner somewhere? Or even show that he ran off after the huntsman yanked them out? I'm just not sure if I would introduce dog death to a child, even if that's how it is in the story, or at least suggest it and not show it so much. But again, I was a particularly sensitive kid with those things so it could be just me here. And as far as Red's expression in the top one, a small adjustment in the arch of her eyebrows should do the trick there I think to show a more worrisome look than surprised. I'm really excited for you that this is so near completion! Good luck, I know it will turn out great!!

  5. Hey thanks everyone for your suggestions. As always right on the money! Gina I guess I should have added the text before I post ted these. The wolf is not dead by any means. He is "out cold" after the fight and leaps out an open window in great fear when he awakens. Yes I know the idea of the death of an animal is way to potent for children's book illustration. I'm with you on that absolutely. Thanks for your comments everyone! Always very helpful. Back to work now the clock is running!!!

  6. OH, that does completely change things, Giselle! Being out cold and being a dead dog are definitely two very different things! Glad you went with the first choice! When I was writing my version of Red the original said that the hunter "cut open his belly" so that's what I had in my mind. I had changed mine so completely and never considered you may have a different version as well. Thanks for clarifying! :)