Friday, April 07, 2006

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks everyone! I will definitely take you all up on your suggestions about my Wolf and Huintsman piece. I can see where I should clear up the sleeves and the body of the pajamas issue. It does look like one continuous piece of material almost. And yes the value of the doorway and pajamas is too similar. I actually meant to get to that then ran out of time! Also the hand shadow, will do most definitely. It does look a little like it's floating.
Amy, I love oils and have done a few portraits in them of my kids but their drying time is not something I can manage with children's book work. I use gouache paints for my illo's with lots of very thin layers and colored pencil for minute details where a brush just doesn't cut it. I'm going to look into Alkyds oils, which I learned a lot about watching Sarah as she posted her different stages on the Scbwi boards with her book illos. They dry very quickly but not as spontaneously as gouache. I love the feel of painting and find I can progress much faster on a piece if I mostly use paint.
Again thanks for all of your comments and suggestions you gals are great!

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