Monday, April 10, 2006

Mom tells Red to take the goodies to Grandma

Good morning to all! Here's a sketch from my Red story. This is back tracking a bit in the sequence of things but it's where Red's mom sends her off to deliver the basket of goodies to Grandma. This is one of fourteen more sketches I have to finish before April 23rd for my NYC conference. I was told by Frieda Gates, the coordinator, over the phone the other day that I should absolutely have a book dummy in hand to present at the conference. In my mind I went Holy Cow! So I'm hoping I can wing it with your help. I might be emailing some of you a sketch here and there for a quick dose of feedback. I won't post all of them here of course so as not to overburden our blog. Hope you all don't mind. If you can't you can't. I'll understand. Not to worry. Anyway here's the first.


  1. Giselle, I am in the same boat! My dummy needs to be ready for the New England Confernece in two weeks. YIPES!
    I think the entire sketch is wonderful. I know you are sticking to the more traditional story so I was smiling as I saw the wine in the basket. The faces and hands are really well done and one can see just enough of the contents of the basket to know it is full....but it is also going to be heavy for little Red. Do the other sketches depict a heavy basket? Red's little face is so sweet and willing to oblige. She has a wonderful quality about her.

  2. Ginger Thanks for pointing that out! I would have never noticed that about the weight of the basket. I am going to make it less deep by shortening it from the bottom. Thanks for all the feedback.

  3. Giselle,
    These are lovely drawings! I'm imagining that the hood is on the right hand side of her head..right? (where she is stretching out her hand)
    I really like your rendering of the people..their faces..the views you 've got so far. Little Red's arm and hand seem a bit off...somehow too small or awkward where the arm is..not sure you even have to show much of the arm..
    I can't wait to see more..let us know how it goes getting ready for the conference. You must be much will be worth it tho. If you want to send emails for input..I'm game.

  4. Giselle -
    This is a really sweet drawing. The mothers face is very dear and I love Red's expression and her hair.
    I agree with the others concerning the weight of the basket and your solution sounds good. Red's hand and arm reaching for the basket do seem a little awkward - perhaps you could have her hand actually starting to hold the basket - touching it just a little. Also, although I do love Red's expression and her face - perhaps if you have her eyes looking at her mother rather than at the basket - it may give it a more emotional appeal.
    I love this sketch and will look at the others as well. Good luck at the conference - in a way, I'm kind of relieved to be missing it this year because I still have a lot of work to do on my dummy - more than I thought I did. But, sometimes having that kick in the behind to finish for a conference is just what we need. I'm sure you and Ginger will do fine. Have fun!
    Best - Chris

  5. Giselle - p.s.
    Not sure if you or Pat noticed, but, there's a comment posted for your Red sketch, from Pat to you, on my post this week -
    Not sure if Pat realized the mistake yet - but, you may want to look there to find your comment from her.
    I don't mind though - just thought you'd two would want to know. I'm not sure if there is a way to edit or move our comments around? Best, Chris

  6. Giselle:
    This is beautiful even as a sketch. The faces are so friendly and exude a real warmth between the two characters. I can't honestly find anything to help in terms of critique here. There is action and consisitency of character with the existing work. This is a wonderful sketch.

  7. This is a beautiful sketch. I can't understand how you manage to keep your sketches so clean - my sketches always looks like a mess ;)
    I think there's something strange with Red's arm/hand, but I'm not sure about what. Maybe her hand is a bit small?
    I love their faces, very beautiful.