Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another book dummy sketch from Little Red

Hi everyone, I can't believe the weekend is finally over! My printer has been going nonstop since Friday. I managed to get my portfolio in order and my book dummy pulled together to the best of my ability for Monday's SCBWI conference in NYC! I'm very excited about going although extremely tired. Anyway here's another sketche from my Little Red Ridinghood story. This is when right when Red is asking grandma about her big teeth and big ears and big eyes! Then the wolf gobbles her up!Wish me luck. And thanks!


  1. Have a great time in NYC!
    As I look at this, I really like the way the wolf's eyes have that squinting look. It fits with the glasses quite well. I did wonder about his teeth. It is that third large tooth that seems a bit out of place. I think there is only one large canine tooth on either side of a wolf's mouth. All in all I like the point of view and the fact that the wolf is drooling as he anticipates his next meal.

  2. Giselle: This sketch reveals the characters further and certainly remains consistant with the preceeding sketches. I think you might consider really making the wolf larger than red here, or emphaising the size some how as this is the important element of this illustration. Or perhaps a slight change in the perspective so that red appears at a slightly lower level than the wolf. Otherwise I can see it fitting into the story as it has progressed so far. Have a great adventure at the conference. I hope you get alot of interest in your work. It certainly merits it.

  3. Hi Giselle,
    I like the perspective you are trying with this piece. The teeth on the wolf bother me a bit. I don't think something is quiye right. I really like the expression on the wolf's face. Grrr...
    Hope all goes well in NYC!

  4. Hi Giselle -
    I love the wolf's expression and everything about the wolf. I agree that it would really turned the conflict around if you made the wolf bigger and Red smaller -
    Just keep them in the same angles and positions, but, enlarge the wolf, raise him higher towards the right corner and lower Red into the left corner. Then it will look like the wolf really is going to gobble Red up.
    I love this drawing though - the sketching is great - Good luck with this and I hope Illustrators Day went great for you in NYC - Hopefully now you can relax, eat well & get some sleep too. Congrats on getting everything together for the conference - that's a big job in itself. Best, Chris

  5. Hi Giselle!
    Yes, I do agree with what's been said about the size relationship as well as the teeth issue. Personally, I'd like to see his tongue licking his lips, like a big old slurp off to the side! To me right now he almost looks like he's biting his tongue more than drooling and by showing him actually licking his lips he'd be laping that drool right up! Or at least I would adjust the grip he has on his tongue, like a little more space so that his tongue fits a little better and doesn't look bitten down on. Really great so far though, your sketches always are!