Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Window for posting comments

Hi everyone, just want to let you all know that a new window should pop up on the screen when you post a comment allowing you to view the artwork when you write a critic, AHHHHHHHH! I didn't realize you could do this until recently while looking at my settings page. On the older posts it doesn't work because of the date. Anyway let me know if it works for you all. It should be much easier to critic now. You can just move the little window out of the way where you can see the artwork and write at the same time! Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Giselle


  1. YAY!! I have also longed for this advantage but assumed you could not due to technological restaints. Glad to know you've added this feature, thank you much! :)

  2. Your welcome, I feel like a numbskull because I didn't realize it from the beginning! Actually Pat had asked me if there was a feature like this a couple of weeks ago and I just didn't see it when I went looking. Sorry Pat! I guess I have to work out the kinks as we go. I just want to say I really am enjoying this blog tremendously while learning a great deal and feel very lucky to have found such a great group of illustrators!!

  3. Yeah Giselle: Great ungenuity. You really have a knack for working out all these kinks. And it is so much better to comment this way! Even so the way you suggested was working fine for me. but this will make it so much more straightforward. Thanks for all the research!

  4. Giselle -
    Great job by golly - and a great idea - thanks! Chris

  5. Giselle,
    Wow. That makes it so much easier (I know I'm new here..but even since the first comments I helps greatly to be able to pop back and forth to look at the image and then back to comment!