Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Am I going in the right direction?

I know I just posted a previous version yesterday but was wondering if you all could give me some feedback on this update. Is the doorway scene too much? I know I'll be tempted to give it a finished look but will hopefully stay away from that and keep it subtle to have all focus on the interaction of the characters. I wasn't planning on going too much further with the outdoors, maybe just define the flowers and schrubery right outside the doorway. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi Giselle -
    The painting is coming along nicely. I think you could add a little more details and flowers to the landscape, but, perhaps finish up the wolf's gown and body a little more first - then you'll know just how much detail to add to the landscape. Just take it slow and it will all fall into place - looks like you're in the right direction to me. Good luck, Chris

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Chris!

  3. Nice and "snarly"! I sure wouldn't want to tackle that wolf. I've seen that look on a wolf/dog before. I think I agree with Chris, you probably won't know until you are further along with the indoors if you want to enhance the outdoors. I actually think it looks fine as it is...and I have been coming back here to study it for a couple of days. I like it!