Friday, March 24, 2006

7 weeks running now! Starting New Schedule too

Hello fellow critiquers! I started this blog on Feb 8th and would like you to know I'm having a very good time in your company! Seems like everyone's input has been 100% and for that reason I think it's worked out very well so I just wanted to say thank you for making this a great place to interact! The only thing that hasn't held up is the scheduling for posting the work. Inititially I wanted everyone to get to know each other and see as much work as possible to establish bonds so I guess in that respect the irregular posting of artwork helped! I know I've been one of the ones that has posted on a whim when need be! So for the benefit I hope of all of us I'd like to start a new schedule. I think it's a great motivational tool "The Deadline" it encourages you to work and get something out every week and insures feedback on your own stuff too. I think now that we've gotten to know one another we could really try this out and see how it goes. So lets start Monday with updates or new works and reply with feedback during the week and don't post any updates or new works until the following Monday only feedback . This way you don't have to worry about trying to catch up and you know what to expect on a weekly basis. You should only have to reply to seven works and that's if everyone posts something which doesn't always happen. Looking forward to it!!! Thanks , Giselle


  1. Sounds like a plan. I'm not sure if I have something to post every monday (I tend to finish my projects really quick and then just move on to the next one), but I'll try. Sorry I've not been very active lately, but I've been sick. I'm feeling much better now!

  2. Hi Giselle:
    I was swamped last week so didn't post. But I think this blog/critique is great and very motivating. I like the new idea and updating on Monday. Is it okay if I do my posting or the week late on Sunday, or does it get archived as of Sunday night?

    I can post on Monday but its most likely to be late again too.

    Thanks again or taking such good care of us with this site and its organization revision and upkeep. I really appreciate your work because it can only benefit us all. Sincerely,

  3. Hi again,
    I'm glad so far everyone likes the Monday posting idea and staying on a schedule. Pat do you mean posting your artwork for that week late on Sundays? As long as we can start fresh for each Monday with new works or updates then everyone can have enough time during the week to make their comments.If you need to post your work late Sunday night and it is convenient for you by all means do so. It will get archived for the start of that week. My objective is to get a rhythm going so we don't get overloaded and perhaps even miss something that's been posted midweek. It's easier to decide what you plan on posting in terms of artwork, put it up, then give critiques throughout the week. If one of us can't participate for that week because illness or workload that's fine just jump in on the next session the following week. You don't have to feel obligated to try and "catch up" with everything. That can become an impossible task and then might lead to throwing the towel in. Only hoping to keep this going since everyone has given so much time and effort so far. Oh I did want to mention that if anyone wants to email me a piece for quick feedback midweek or when need be I have no problem helping out and giving comments. Just want to keep it simple and easy to peruse the blog. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again for your patience in making this work better.

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  5. Giselle -
    Mondays sound good to me - actually, the whole plan is good.
    I can't believe it's taken me so long to find a children's book illustration critique group - Writer groups are always easy to find - but, illustrators keep hidden more I think - we're in the attic painting something somewhere.
    Anywho, Sunday late nights are good as well, if Mondays get busy - sometimes we are all working around bad weather or heavy workloads.
    Thanks for being such a good moderator -and for keeping us in line. I also love the flexibility of the schedule - and the discipline of a deadline keeps us on our toes - very easy to work with - Bonsoir for now, Chris

  6. P.s. Giselle -
    Will there be a limit to how many illustrations we can post on Mondays? My guess is it would be 1, or 2 the most to keep it simple for the critiquers - am I correct? I'm flexible either way - I have no problem with posting more, but, I don't want to drive everybody crazy either.
    Thanks again, Chris

  7. Chris,
    I think 1 or 2 is a good number. I think more than that might get overwhelming especially if everybody posts. If you need an extra set of eyes on something you can always email me. That would never be a problem. Thanks again!

  8. Oh thank goodness! I was feeling very behind on my comments! I think this is a very good plan and will help in keeping up and in knowing if you've missed something. Thanks so much for implementing this!

  9. Giselle,
    Thanks for the heads up..sorry it took me until now to reply. It sounds like a terrific idea...and will help me to know when it's time to post..and keep me on track..I need this type of order.
    Thanks so much for all your work!

  10. Great I'm very happy so far everyone is in agreement! Just for your convenience and so nobody falls off track I'll email everyone Sunday afternoons just as a reminder to post new works or updates that night or Monday. Again if you don't have any artwork to post(although you should try to post something even if it's something you only slightly modified just to keep yourself motivated!!) please make sure to critique everything that's up during the week so we all get the feedback we need. Sorry to be a pest but I'm a mother of four and it just comes naturally! Also I just wanted to add that if you really don't have any artwork to post you should post a small blurb as to your goals for the next week.
    Thanks a bunch!

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  12. Just wanted to add that the idea of posting one's goals was originally Anette's and it's one I've been meaning to implement because it's another good source of motivation!