Sunday, February 12, 2006

How Many Pieces To Post

Hello everyone! So far things are going well I think. Lots of interesting, beautiful artwork to critique and comments from everyone. Sarah brought up the subject of how many pieces to post and what the rules are in her thread so I answered her when critiquing her "hiney piece". Just wanted to make sure everyone read it and knew my thoughts on the subject, hence I posted it all here too. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions regarding the number of pieces to post weekly and such please bring them up here so we all know how everyone feels about it and what to expect in terms of feedback from all the different members. Giselle said to Sarah: " On a different topic about how much to post. Don't even worry. This is a venue for all of us to get plenty of feedback when needed and I can certainly understand your needs at this stage of your project considering your very tight schedule to get your pieces all finished. I wouldn't say we have any real rules but in theory everyone should comment on all works posted once a week so we maintain a balance and everyone in the group feels fulfilled in terms of getting feedback on their on works. If we all keep that in mind we should all be pretty happy? If not I'd like to know about it so we can make some changes and everyone is in agreement. I think if one week you post 7 pics for example and you don't get comments from all of us on each piece then I guess it might be too time consuming for some of us. So no, by all means post what you need to and hopefully you'll get plenty of good suggestions and support. I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from posting work. And I hope nobody would ever feel like they maybe should hold off posting their work because there is a lot up already to critique. The whole idea was to make this a site which motivates us to work and keep up with our projects because we can get the help we need here. I know I will make a consistent effort to critique everyone's work once a week.


  1. Yeah, this is great - thanks so much for setting it all up, Giselle. And everyone's work is so cool!

  2. I agree, that posts can go up as needed. As we work, I think we will sort this out but it would be nice to see something from each of us during the course of the week.