Thursday, February 09, 2006

Can't wait to see everyone's work on here!

Hi everyone!! I've had a lot of fun putting this site together so far! Hope it's to your liking ! Any suggestions or changes or mispellings please bring them to my attention. I hope to start our first critique session for Monday Feb 13th and continue on a weekly basis. Please post your work, goals, inspirations or artistic dilemas over the weekend so that everyone can view them on Mondays and make comments during the week! We also have to take into account the time differences because we are from all over the world. I realize everyone's schedule is different but as long as we all pop in once a week on their "MONDAY" to review everything that's up that would be great. If we see a need to change the frequency to byweekly or bymonthly due to time constraints or needing feedback more often we can do that too. I can only make changes as I get feedback from all of you. Whether it's just a sketch or a piece that's almost finished post something! Should be great. Please remember to give feedback on all works that are posted before they are updated for the following week whether you've posted a piece yourself or not. If you haven't received your invite to this blog yet let me know and I'll send you another one. Happy Illustrating! Giselle


  1. Hi Giselle and all~ It's good to be here. Hopefully we will get better acquainted and begin to have some valuable feedback from one another.

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  3. Welcome Ginger,
    With all this blogging fun I've been having I've set my artwork aside! Need to work on my Little Red Ridinghood painting so I have something new to post for Monday. Looking forward to it all.

  4. Hi Giselle and Ginger:

    I found my way here. Yeah! I'm very excited to get started and get to know one another a bit more.

    Great job on the site Giselle! I am looking forward and hope to see everyone's work and comments next Monday.