Monday, February 27, 2006

Added some closeups

I think I've had it with these cobblestones! So I think I'm done? Let me know if anything is way off. I tried to keep the perspective on the cobblestones kind of irregular because of the way the center of town is laid out. Everytime I started lining things up in a specific direction things started looking crazy. I'm sure you are all as tired of this painting as I am so bare with me this last time. Any suggestions greatly appreciate. Sorry I sound so winey it's been a really long week/weekend. My kids were all home last week with the presidents day vacation. Although it was fun and draining at the same time I think I need a vacation now! I got absolutely no artwork done. Hope to post fresh stuff for next Monday.


  1. Wow, Giselle - what an epic job on those cobblestones! They look fabulous. Old cobblestne roads are very irregular anyway, so i think the way you've done them looks pretty convincing. This has come together really nicely - Any chance of you posting some close-ups? I feel like there's a whole lot of cool detail that i'm missing out on in the background.

    The buildings on the lefdt seem a bit washed out to me - maybe they need more oomph - colour and definaition and a bit more contrasting tone. And I think little R's shadow could still be a bit darker... but otherwise it looks great.

  2. Very nice, Giselle! I agree with Sarah, a bit more oomph with that shadow I think would do the trick and adjusting the angle of the cobblestones did wonders for my brain! :) I'm very interested in seeing more of this story unfold!

  3. Oh, and yes, I also agree with Sarah in that those buildings are a bit washed out and could use some more vibrancy.

  4. The cobblestones, the village people, the details in the windows are all wonderful. You've worked hard on this and it shows. After studying the close ups, I don't think I would darken the buildings on the left. Just my opinion but I think it would detract from the main action and character. You want your eye moving from left to right anticipating a page turn.... If you do too much to the subtlety of the paler buildings, you might detract from the rest of the page. As I said, just one opinion. As you look at the whole page do what you think works best. It's a great page!

  5. I think the cobblestones looks good. You've done a great job - it must have taken so long time to paint all those...
    The one thing I noticed that you could improve is what the others have said too - the houses on the left looks a bit pale. They look a bit unfinished to me. If you paint them in the lightest color you have in the house to the right they would look great.
    You've done a great job with this illustration. You guys most be way more patient than me, working on your illos for so long :)

  6. *So* nice! Your dedication and work ethic inspire me. I often give up or change direction completely when I hit a problem. You've worked very hard at this.

  7. Awesome cobblestones. I wish I had that kind of patience. You've practically been laying them down one by one. The illustration works very well!

  8. Thank you so much everyone! I will do a little touching up and that's it. I am going to put just a hint of more color in the buildings to the left. Although like Ginger said I don't want to draw the eye to that area too much. I had actually already darkened Red's shadow after posting here!.Thanks Thanks!!

  9. Hi again Giselle -
    I think the cobblestones look great, as does Riding Hood and her cape. The cape is very stylized, but, I like it a lot.
    I love the buildings in the back, people in the windows and especially the little old man in the background. I'd like to see more of him in other illustrations to come. Not sure if you have that planned, but, thought I'd put it out there.
    The buildings on the stage right side of the painting (without people) do seem a little washed out, but, I wouldn't darken them too much, as that might take away from Riding Hood.
    Perhaps just lightly shadow the corners of the buildings and that might be just enough. Also, perhaps just lightly darken the cobblestone path in the way background, by the horizon just to add a touch of depth - but, not too much, I do like the light background.
    Sometimes, if I'm not sure what color or shading I want to do in a certain area of a painting, I'll scan it in and play around with colors and shading in photoshop first, then apply what works to the actual painting in whatever medium I'm working with - that way I can change colors without ruining the painting. Is this cheating?
    Also, I do love the cat, but, perhaps a little color in his eyes and a nose/mouth may clarify him a little more.
    Anywho, I really love this illustration - it's very refreshing - especially the flowers and balconies. It's Winter here in Vermont - so your painting makes me want to go on vacation. Best of luck with this and can't wait to see the rest.

  10. Giselle, I'm glad you added the close ups of your painting. It is great to see everyone is starting to take this habit up. I like the detail you have placed into this work. This illustration certainly gives Red Riding hood a character that seems carefree and because she has been surrounded by such a close community the encounter with the wolf will be all the more awful and unexpected. Is is very carefully crafted piece with all the elements working well. Great job!

  11. Thanks Pat and Chris! Hope to move a long in this story more quickly. I will try to stay away from any scenes that include cobblestones so I don't get to tied up with one piece. Yikes!!!