Monday, February 27, 2006

Added some closeups

I think I've had it with these cobblestones! So I think I'm done? Let me know if anything is way off. I tried to keep the perspective on the cobblestones kind of irregular because of the way the center of town is laid out. Everytime I started lining things up in a specific direction things started looking crazy. I'm sure you are all as tired of this painting as I am so bare with me this last time. Any suggestions greatly appreciate. Sorry I sound so winey it's been a really long week/weekend. My kids were all home last week with the presidents day vacation. Although it was fun and draining at the same time I think I need a vacation now! I got absolutely no artwork done. Hope to post fresh stuff for next Monday.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Correction it's "Winston the Wonderhound by Ginger"

Hi everyone, just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of a mistake I made while typing in all the links for our site. I erroneously put the wrong url for Ginger's "Winston the Wonderhound" story. I put "Wonderdog"!!! Sorry Ginger! Anyway I have updated it on the template although it's not showing up yet as corrected. Should soon though. Her site for this story is . Take a peak if you haven't viewed it already through her site. It's important we all get to know each other's work well. Thanks Giselle

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another update on Giselle's Little Red

Just thought I'd post another update so you could let me know if I'm going in the right direction with the stone road? Is it too much? Too busy too distracting? I enlarged the hood more and and deepened the shadows of the cape overall. My daughter pointed out to me that the two middle fingers on the hand up in the air got a bit small. This is do to trying to make the hand pop more by darkening the sky around it. I ate up some of the fingers ! Will fix that. Anyway, any little "yes " or "no's", "looks ok" would be great. Thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Almost done ? Giselle's Little Red

Here she is more "alive" and in color. The stone road is starting to torture me. Do you think her redhood should be a darker shade of red? That's the feedback I got from my brew. Let me know what you think of any of it. Thanks!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Giselle's Intro!

Hi again everyone! I guess eventhough I've corresponded with everyone via email a couple of times already and feel like I've gotten to know you all somewhat it's nice to do a little intro and share some of my background with you. I know so far from the intros posted I feel lucky to have found such an interesting and talented group of artists to share all my thoughts, dilemas and uncertainties about the industry along with just fun stuff too. I've been married to my wonderful civil engineer husband, Thomas, for 18 years now . We are like night and day for the most part but have managed to survive the bumbs along the way and keep very busy raising our 4 children. Tommy 16, Caitlin 14, Evan 5 and Graig 3. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. Yes they devour most of my spare time but without them I couldn't imagine life. They are a great source of inspiration and good HONEST critics. I actually don't ask them what they think about a piece I might be working on when I'm having a "down" day! We live in a modest very comfortable house in the suburbs, in a very pretty, small town called Stony Point, about an hour's drive north of Manhattan. A place I soon hope to be taking my portfolio around to different publishing houses. Hopefully in the early fall! I work in a space in my house I share with my two little ones a lot. The so called "playroom/mom's studio". I do most of my intense work early in the morning when everyone is either at work or school and the little one Graig sleeps in. I can work quite a bit with them playing nearby and just have gotten very used to the interruption calls for juice or snacks you name it. It has truly made me appreciate every spare moment I have alone to the millionth degree!

Anyway on another note, I can still remember the first art teacher I had in grammer school like it was yesterday. "Mr. Peterson" he was fantastic. A gentle giant that loved to share the wonderful things he knew about art with his students and encourage our individual expressions. The smell of those huge jugs of paint and the easles lined up with big brushes and large sheets of crisp white paper just waiting for us to use doesn't escape my memory! It was of course my favorite place to be in school always. I eventually graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC with a degree in Fine Art. After graduating I worked doing small freelance jobs here and there and eventually started up my own art studio in my home where I taught drawing and painting to kids 7 to 18. I loved it and it was very convenient once I started having my own children. I did that for many years. After having my fourth child my once classroom I had turned into the playroom/studio. Hence I stopped teaching and started focusing on illustration. So here I am. For the last year and a half I've focused on getting a website up and putting together a strong portfolio, along with trying to market myself in hopes of someday breaking into this business!! Enough about me. As usual I could go on forever. Happy Illustrating!!

How Many Pieces To Post

Hello everyone! So far things are going well I think. Lots of interesting, beautiful artwork to critique and comments from everyone. Sarah brought up the subject of how many pieces to post and what the rules are in her thread so I answered her when critiquing her "hiney piece". Just wanted to make sure everyone read it and knew my thoughts on the subject, hence I posted it all here too. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions regarding the number of pieces to post weekly and such please bring them up here so we all know how everyone feels about it and what to expect in terms of feedback from all the different members. Giselle said to Sarah: " On a different topic about how much to post. Don't even worry. This is a venue for all of us to get plenty of feedback when needed and I can certainly understand your needs at this stage of your project considering your very tight schedule to get your pieces all finished. I wouldn't say we have any real rules but in theory everyone should comment on all works posted once a week so we maintain a balance and everyone in the group feels fulfilled in terms of getting feedback on their on works. If we all keep that in mind we should all be pretty happy? If not I'd like to know about it so we can make some changes and everyone is in agreement. I think if one week you post 7 pics for example and you don't get comments from all of us on each piece then I guess it might be too time consuming for some of us. So no, by all means post what you need to and hopefully you'll get plenty of good suggestions and support. I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from posting work. And I hope nobody would ever feel like they maybe should hold off posting their work because there is a lot up already to critique. The whole idea was to make this a site which motivates us to work and keep up with our projects because we can get the help we need here. I know I will make a consistent effort to critique everyone's work once a week.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Can't wait to see everyone's work on here!

Hi everyone!! I've had a lot of fun putting this site together so far! Hope it's to your liking ! Any suggestions or changes or mispellings please bring them to my attention. I hope to start our first critique session for Monday Feb 13th and continue on a weekly basis. Please post your work, goals, inspirations or artistic dilemas over the weekend so that everyone can view them on Mondays and make comments during the week! We also have to take into account the time differences because we are from all over the world. I realize everyone's schedule is different but as long as we all pop in once a week on their "MONDAY" to review everything that's up that would be great. If we see a need to change the frequency to byweekly or bymonthly due to time constraints or needing feedback more often we can do that too. I can only make changes as I get feedback from all of you. Whether it's just a sketch or a piece that's almost finished post something! Should be great. Please remember to give feedback on all works that are posted before they are updated for the following week whether you've posted a piece yourself or not. If you haven't received your invite to this blog yet let me know and I'll send you another one. Happy Illustrating! Giselle

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Work in Progress: Book Dummy piece for Little Red Ridinghood. Hope to make some changes this weekend to this for Monday's posting . Here's the text that goes with it: " Once upon a time there was a sweet little maiden who was loved by all who knew her..." Giselle McMenamin copyright 2006